Which is the best Bitcoin site to buy India?

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Which is the best Bitcoin site to buy India? Crypto curreencies have taken the world by storm, Everyone want’s a Piece of the other crypto currency. As soon as you decide which cryptocurrency to buy. So the question comes, which exchanges do you use to buy crypto currency? And this is one of the biggest questions.

This is also important to know because there have been so many scams in the recent past. It exchange has been openly closed that people could not recover their money. So on this pretext it becomes really important that our money should not be drowned by at least exchange rate.

in this article we will Compare 5 of the most trusted crypto Exchanges.

Top 5 Most Trusted crypto Exchanges.

  • Wazirx
  • Coin Dcx
  • CoinSwitch Kuber
  • Zeb Pay
  • Binance

we will Compare Compare These 5 exchanges Across 4 Different parameters and Narrow Down the Best Exchanges for you. Let us first see how much the exchanges charge you. While we’ll approach our entire discussion from the perspective of bitcoin, it can be applied to other cryptocurrencies as well.

First let’s know why withdrawal is looking a bit complicated.

Which is the best Bitcoin site to buy India?

Which is the best Bitcoin site to buy India?

Look, whenever you invest somewhere first, first of all it comes to your mind that your money will go smoothly, shouldn’t there be any problem. And see it looks like in decimal not much but when we actually convert it into rupees. Then it will not look so small.

For Example – 0.0006 BTC is Approximately equal to ₹1400.

But why is this charge so high? This fee is so high because every time you place a withdrawal request, each request must be confirmed by a bitcoin miner. Because mine is consuming both computing power and time, They want to be compensated for it. Which is why the fees is so high.

If you look at the charges, Wazirx and Zebpay seem to be the highest, Coinswitch the cheapest.Coin DCX and Binance Are Somewhere in the Middle.

Now let’s see the maker and taker charge of 5 exchanges. What are these maker and taker charges? Mathematical bit complicated, just to understand if you place any order (Buy/Sell) on exchange and if your trade gets executed immediately then you will get taker charge. If it is not implemented immediately then you are charged maker fees.

Usually the fee charged is more than the maker fee but not for these 5 exchanges. To make it easier, the makers and takers fees have been kept the same.

Which is the best Bitcoin site to buy India?

What is clear here is that while CoinSwitch has zero maker and taker fees, they do have a lot of hidden fees.Due to which CoinSwitch became the most expensive. So no one is launching such a platform yet, everyone has some advantages and disadvantages.

Now let us compare the platforms to the exchanges as the interface to trade should be very simple.It should not be that you find trading too complicated. Don’t worry too much.

Which is the best Bitcoin site to buy India?

Now you will surely start to understand a little from this.Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange and with 10M+ usage and 4.4 rating it is by far the best rated platform.CoinDCX and wazirX also have good ratings. But if you remember that both of these are a bit expensive. Zebpay is both expensive and has below average ratings. So we roll it out. Coinswitch is good at some things and average at others.

Let me compare everything in the last factor, just to make things very clear. That factor would be ease of use – how easy it is to use the exchange

Which is the best Bitcoin site to buy India?

Now it has become even more clear. Coinswitch has one of the easiest to understand interface, relatively low cost. There are some hidden charges in this, but if you do not do very heavy trade then they can be ignored for once.

The interface of Binance is a bit complicated for new users, once you get used to it you get used to it.The story of Coin DCX is similar to that of Binance. But its lite version CoinDCX Go will be very easy for new users to trade. WazirX sometimes has issues with depositing money. And Zebpay does not stand out in any 1 of these 5 exchanges.

So Our Recommend would be If you only trade bitcoin, trading in ethereum, you will find it cheapest on Binance, followed by Zebpay, CoinDCX and then WazirX. The price of bitcoin on Coinswitch will be 5-10% higher than that of Ethereum on Binance. If you are just starting out trading you can go with either CoinSwitch and CoinDCX Go, both of which have an extremely easy to use interface.

So you guys have come to know with the help of this article that which is the best bitcoin site to buy in India? So comment and tell how was the article. Thank you.

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